Dental Examination

Dental Examination

Dental Health Consultation with a Dentist
Here at Thames Street Dental, we encourage all of our patients to have regular dental examinations (dental checkups) in order to prevent oral diseases. This allows us to check for early signs of gum disease, tooth decay and oral cancer. Routine checks not only keep your mouth in great health, but they also dramatically reduce the need for (and cost) of dental work later in life.

Your initial consultation at the practice will first involve you completing a medical history form. It is essential that this form is completed accurately and returned to Thames Street Dental for your dentist to ensure you receive safe dental treatment catered to your medical conditions. Once we have reviewed your medical history form, your dentist will discuss any problems or worries you may have regarding your dental health and take the time to listen to your concerns prior to beginning any treatment. Whether you require a straight-forward examination or you a complex consultation followed by appropriate treatment planning, we always consider our patients’ concerns and try to address them prior to starting any treatment.

We understand that a visit to the Dentist can be a daunting experience for some people, but it needn’t be! To help with this, we have included the steps which are performed by our dentists during initial consultations/examinations:

  • Perform an examination of the mouth to assess your teeth, gums and soft tissues
  • Perform screening for oral cancer
  • Take X-Rays of your mouth if necessary

After the examination we will sit down and discuss any problems we identify and suggest potential solutions. In certain cases there can be a range of options open to the patient and we feel that it is important that the patient understands all of these. At the end of the consultant, you will be given a treatment plan, along with fees associated with the treatment, so that you will know in advance of each visit what treatments you will receive and how much it will cost. We are always happy to answer your questions, so don’t be afraid to ask!