New to the area?  Don’t have a dentist?  Unhappy at your current dental practice?

Good News! Thames Street Dental are currently accepting new private patients!

Sign up as a patient at Thames Street Dental by following the steps outlined below:

Step 1 – Register & Book Appointment

Contact the practice and arrange an initial examination appointment. To register as a patient at Thames Street Dental, you can call the practice or complete the following registration form (page will open in a new window):



Step 2 – Medical Background

Prior to the initial examination you will be asked to complete a confidential medical history, so we recommend that you arrive a few minutes early. The purpose of this is for your Dentist to understand health details that might be relevant to any treatment, such as medications or health conditions you might have. If you are currently taking medication, it is a good idea to bring a copy of a recent prescription with you to ensure everything is recorded accurately.

Step 3 – First Appointment

The purpose of your first appointment is to conduct a full clinical examination of the teeth, gums and soft tissues, as well as taking x-rays of your mouth.

During your appointment we may give advice about diet and oral hygiene. We can also discuss any other treatments you might be interested in; from simple cosmetic procedures such as tooth whitening or veneers, to more advanced care.

Step 4 – Ongoing Treatment

After presenting your options, we’ll discuss and formulate a treatment plan with you. Any necessary appointments can be scheduled with reception before you leave.



Step 5 – Smile!

When you have regular appointments with the dentist, you have reason to smile more!