It is important to include regular dental hygiene treatments (also known as a Scale and Polish) as part of your dental health. This will help prevent problems that you won’t be able to spot yourself. For example – the build-up of calculus, which can then lead to gum related diseases.

A hygiene appointment may involve the removal of tartar build up, using fine dental instruments or an ultrasonic machine, along with some polishing paste to help remove stains. At the end of the appointment, expect some tailored oral hygiene advice, and a regime to help you maintain your oral health at home.

In some cases, the dentist may initially prescribe an intense course of a few treatments if needed, and then follow it up with 3 monthly intervals. Once your dentist is happy with your gum health they may recommend a visit every 6 months.

Did you know

Gum disease is one of the biggest causes of tooth loss?

Good oral hygiene helps maintain gum health, and therefore the longevity of the teeth.

Benefits of regular dental and oral hygiene treatments include:

  • Teeth will be easier to clean/brush in between visits
  • Bad breath may be eliminated
  • The progression of gum disease will be kept under control
  • Staining will be reduced
  • Your teeth will feel nice and clean after a scale and polish